About Moi

Just an average Canadian white chick. I’m 47 (in 2020 anyway.) I have typical roots for these parts: English, Irish, Scottish, French, Belgian. My family came to Canada over a few generations–the latest being my great-grandmother who came from Ireland as a little girl. Her family rode out west by Red River cart and lived in a one-room house with a sod roof.

My brother is older than me and when he was in college he took a course called “Indian and Inuit Views” that he loved so I took it too. It was the early 90s so Indigenous issues were easily on the radar of anyone who was 90s-version-woke. I kept up my interest in learning about Indigenous groups in Canada–travel, movies, TV shows, research. I’m no expert, I was just personally interested.

When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission put out its summary report, I felt like I should read it. I mean, what’s the point in trying to reconcile “settler” Canadians and native/MĂ©tis populations if the settlers don’t participate! And if you’ve had a great-grandmother live in a sod-roof house in Alberta, then you’re definitely settler-esque.

I decided this year to re-read the reports. I know not everyone has the time to read these things, or might find the reports kind of dry, but they’re still interested in the findings. So I figured, why not share things as I go along. And that’s the story of this blog.

I don’t seem to have any pics of me on a reserve, so this is me reserve-adjacent, the day my bf and I drove out to Kanesetake. This is in Oka–yes that Oka.


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